“Replace fear with curiosity”. Steven Spielberg

 A few shots of my work. I captured these moments in class and in life. Building my portfolio slowly, but surely. Check it out.

Model shots of Camille.


A video I did using my logo for my Youtube work.






These pictures are examples of my best work. Photography is one thing that I enjoy. While everyone captures typical pictures I capture the strange, random angles and take away the colour from a World full of colour. I think the black and white effect speaks volumes to me.

Here is another version my Inspired champion intro for website and Youtube.







These logos were made on my Digital media course and at home. Logos for my Youtube, Phone app and vlogs. There are also other book cover designs I did for one of my assignments.I love the galaxy design of my Insired champion logo. Inspired by Looney tunes and Spacejam design.

an example of my video I created using my gaming logo for my Youtube. I used a template and got the song.

Another version with my Inspired champion logo. Playing around with the idea of intros.

This one has a song by my girlfriend called Hit the fan. Check it out here on her soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/jeidocupcake

Same song Hit the fan by Melody phoenix aka Jade Delbridge. My talented girlfriend. She let me use it. All credit to her work and musical genius.

Down below is some of my favourite photographs I took of people, toys and buidlings.